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 StarAngel Bengals is a small New Jersey Bengal Breeder in Southern New Jersey. We are close to both of the Philadelphia bridges, Benjamin Franklin and Walt Whitman and Exit 3 of the NJ turnpike. With great success in breeding the Shih Tzu dog to Championship and Best in Show manyl years ago, the love of breeding and showing brought us to the Bengal Cat who we found to have the Exotic Allure of the Jungle, the Gentleness of the Domestic cat and they are Highly Intelligent, with Purr-sonality.  Magnificent colors, Brown & Gold Spotted Leopard, Snows and Silvers. Patterns include Marbles and Rosetted Leopards.

 We are proud to say we have finished many of our beautiful bengals to top standings. Go to the NEWS to see the great wins we have accomplished with our beautiful STUDS and QUEENS

Go to Bengal Colors to view colors and other aspects of the bengal. There is much more information if you go to the website MENU, click on the LINKS page to view more information on the Bengal  and Bengal Colors detailed in every aspect.  

 As New Jersey Breeder of Kittens and Cats, we use only the best of bloodlines using the Bengal Standand.  Our website has the goal to be an educational experience about the Bengal Kitten and Cat with a Bengal History  and it's ancestory, the history of the Asian Leopard Cat. View the page to see the history of the ALC. 

This website will incorporate our POLICIES with PRICES and  CONTRACT.   Our kittens will be have their first vaccination, health certificate for a NJ Veterinarian and be completely parasite free when leaving for their new homes between 11 - 12 weeks of age.

We are a FIV/FELV free cattery. Which means our adult breeding cats have been tested as normal. All Breeders are HCM Negative. Our kittens will be wormed and guaranteed parasite free. They will have their first vaccination along with a NJ Veterinarian Health Certificate prior to leaving between 11 - 12 weeks to their new homes.

My goal is to breed the Bengal Cat  following the TICA & TIBCS Standard & Policies.  With every effort, we will maintain the beauty of the Bengal Cat with top, high quality and healthy bloodlines. We consistently breed for quality over quantity, while maintaining the goal for high quality in our breeding program.  As a breeder, StarAngel Bengals would not breed our queens to have litters to sell, our queens will be bred to have future show cats and high quality pets. As was accomplished previously for the Shih Tzu breed, breeding was about quality & champion lines for showing and breeding. The same quality of breeding remains with our beautiful Bengal.  We will have silvers, brown leopards, seal mink, seal lynx points and silver seal lynx point, as well as an occasional marble.  See Our Queens, Studs and Previous Kittens.  Bengal Cats & Kittens. 

While maintaining quality of  this beautiful breed, socialization was found to be a very important part of this quality.   This is accomplished in many ways, including family, friends, and most importantly children as shown on our gallery page.  The kittens are raised with love, and a warm, home environment and with our children.   Their health is a major consideration, and a top priority to their well being and the customer's satisfaction.  What can you expect from a Bengal Kitten?  Go to Policies for Prices . Our pet quality kittens start at $1100. and up depending on their quality. If you are shopping for a quality show or breeder, the prices are $1800 and up.  Sometimes our Bengal Kittens that are non-standard in coloring which are available for a lesser price.  We occasionally will have Adult Bengal Cats Available for adoption. 

A certificate for an Outstanding Cattery was given to StarAngelBengals because of the care provided to our bengals. The vaccinations, parasite free bengals in a home cattery, and our guarantee of cardiac disease free bengals. 

                       StarAngel Bengals is a

       TIBCS Breeder of Distinction

StarAngel Bengals  guarantee all kittens to be healthy and well socialized. They come with a Health Certificate from a NJ Licensed Veterinarian. We guarantee our kittens to be parasite/worm free, having their stools samples sent to Antech Laboratories in NY prior to placement.  All parents are HCM tested by a Board Certified Cardiologist. PK Def Neg.




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Peggy Angelastro
Suburban South Jersey


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Peggy Angelastro
Suburban South Jersey

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