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Past Kittens/Cats

Beautiful Snows, Browns, Gold & Silvers





RW Supreme Gramd Champion

 StarAngel Sylphrena


Beautiful Sly, Looking Proud as the SUPREME she is



10/21/18 Nauticat, Quebec, Canada

Thank you Judge Laurie Patton

RW Supreme StarAngel Sylphrena

2017 MidAtlantic Regional Winner, 19th BEST ALTER

StarAngel Sylphrena & Yukine



Syls litter sister got 12 finals at Nauticat is now


tarAngel Ch. Zyana x Ch.  Starangel Renissance Silver

Both Bengal sold as Pets, spayed before 6 months of age. The sisters are out of Champion StarAngel Zyana x Ch. StarAngel Renissance Silver (stud page).  The girls are lovely platinum silver females. Ann (owner) took them out for the first time as adults to the Central Jersey Cat Fanciers, Parsippany Summer Show as Alters.  Sylphrena (on the left in picture)  took a 2nd place Final, her first time out as an adult and became Champion in the weekend.   Ann, their owner, said "Showing is fun, even with Alters"! 

Sylphrena received her QUAD at Central Jersey Cat Fanciers, Parsippany, NJ  Jan 6 - Jan 8 2017.

***Sly is a 2017 Regional Winner QGC 19th BEST ALTER***

Yukine got her Championship at the Coastal City Cat Club, Brentwood, NY 3/11/17

Reference below.....

Above are Silver Beauties, litter sisters, Yukine & Sylphrena being spoiled.   From the time we saw their weekly photos, till when we were picking up two beautifully socialized kittens. They have perfect litter box manners! It is very clear that Margaret cares deeply about each kitten that leaves her immaculate cattery.  She offers on going advice and support and remains a great resource to a new cat owner. Everyone who sees my silver girls are struck by their beauty, especially when the sun shines on their glittered coats to make them sparkle like ice crystals. Their antics make us laugh everyday and their sweet temperaments make them treasured members of our family.

Ann, North Jersey




Starangel Kona

Won the 2019 TICA Calendar Contest. Full Page on January 2019.


Lovely Kona Gold daughter of

QGC StarAngel Gabriel x Ch. StarAngel Girl on Fire

Living happily with Beverly in Conn.

Won the 2019 TICA Calendar Contest, January 2019.




Starangel Asia

Stunning Asia is the daughter of

RW QGC Starangel Gabriel x Kingsmark Poetic Dreamer

Living the good life with Kelly and family in No. Jersey

I have been looking into Bengal cats for quite some time and I finally got my purrfect kitten. 

Not only did she adjust well to my other animals she has a sweet, loving, outgoing disposition.  She literally has fit right in with our zoo, and we couldn’t be any happier with our girl Asia. 

I have used a few different breeders through the years for both cats and dogs and Peggy has been an absolute pleasure to deal with.  Not only is she one of the most thorough breeders I have dealt with she is also the most caring.  You can see immediately from day one the care and love she puts into her cats.  I would definitely recommend anyone looking to get a Bengal to get one from this cattery!!!  We just love her, she is awesome!!

Kelly & family




Starangel Tyrion

son of.....

QGC Starangel Gabriel x Kingsmark Poetric Dreamer


Below, Tyrion, all grown up walking on his lead.....



Tyrion, Stunning Prince with a name from Game of Thrones.  A beautiful boy from his

beautiful parents.  Tyrion has a wonderful forever with Anne, in South Jersey.

Anne's Reference below:

We started our research directly from the TICA website.  We wanted a reputable breeder with an established and recognized cattery.  I researched the catteries in my area and decided on Starangel.  Here's why- the website was current and appeared to be updated quite regularly.  Also, through the wealth of information and the pictures, it was clear that Starangel was much more than a business. The application made it obvious that Peggy wants only the best homes for her babies.  Once the process began, Peggy kept me updated.  The day we picked up Tyrion, Peggy greeted us with a smile and took the time to allow me to review the contract, ask questions, and get a real feel for who she is. The cattery was clean and well kept.  The cats seemed quite happy. Peggy's experience and expertise make her cattery stand out, and when you add in her personal touches, and interest after purchase you know you did well.  Thank you Peggy.

Tyrion, Stunning Prince with name from Game of Thrones.  A beautiful boy from his

beautiful parents.  Tyrion has a wonderful forever with Anne, in South Jersey.




Starangel Sunami Knight

(aka) Sunni

RW QGC StarAngel Gabriel x Ch. Starangel Girl on Fire (aka Gurly)


Statuesque Sunni is grown up


Handsome, Sweet Sunni is living happily with Pam & Keith in Bronx, NY

Keith's reference below

We did a lot of searching on line and found Starangel Bengals was offering us everything we were looking for in a Bengal. We were lucky enough to get this absolutely beautiful boy.  When we got him home in less than 24 hours he was walking about as though he was always here and owned the place. He has a wonderful personality, he gets along great with our other cats and they took to him immediately. He has amazing markings that are unlike anything we have ever seen, and his disposition is fantastic. He is just a sweet, fun little kitten. We couldn't be happier with him!             Thank you Peggy for our sweet little boy.  He is a joy!





Starangel Maggi

Daughter of QGC Starangel Gabriel x Ch. Starangel Girl on Fire



Sweet Maggi, living happily with Lenora and family, Ventnor, NJ  & Phila.

Here showing off her beautiful spots on her  tummy, resting, playing in her hammock.



 Many thanks and hugs to Peggy of Starangel who blessed my husband and I with our beautiful Starangel  Maggie (daughter of  Starangel Gurly and Starangel Gabriel)

After researching for a Bengal, I found Peggy who did not live far from our home. So I put in an application.  We were thrilled to be picked especially after realizing how hard Peggy tries to match her kittens to a loving home.

Maggie is absolutely endearing and is now 5 months old. Everyone who sees her comments “how beautiful she is”  Maggi is our first Bengal,  we could not believe how smart and how easy she has been to train.  




StarAngel Teddy

son of

RW QGC Starangel Gabriel x Kingsmark Poetic Dreamer



  He's our Blessing!. I will admit I heard some horror stories about Bengal but after research and finding StarAngel Bengals, I have learned it all starts with the breeder & bloodlines of the kitten.  Teddy is such a good boy, so adorable,  and so smart!  I am so glad I found Star Angel, and grateful to Peggy for letting me be Teddy's Momma.  He's an angel.  He plays  with toys by himself  if  I'm working, and each day we make more progress on bonding & earning his trust. If clients listen to Peggy's instructions, they will have a little 'King in their castle"

Teddy living life of Little King with Dawn and family in NJ



Starangel Nava


A beautiful head of a stunning Golden Bengal

Daughter of

RWQGC Starangel Gabriel x Lawntonmews Petra





Starangel Legend & Kenny

RW QGC Starangel Gabriel & Sephora


Stunning Starangel Legend

Kenny & Legend


Reference below:

Two of Starangel's Handsome Beauties. Litter Brothers

Living the good life with Jocelyn & Matt in North Jersey

Reference below:

 “Searching for the perfect kitten can prove to be a long and stressful process. Until your search leads you to Star Angel Bengals. Peggy, an experienced knowledgeable professional, immediately responded to our inquiry about getting a kitten. Right away, we could tell that Peggy was dedicated to making sure every kitten matches the personality of every new owner. From the beginning of the process right up until pick up day, Peggy kept us up to date with photos, important kitten information and exciting news! After receiving our kitten we now call Kenny, we were pleasantly surprised at how well behaved/potty trained the kitten had already become under her care. Peggy goes above and beyond to inform new cat owners about every last detail. We fell so in love with the breed that we inquired about getting another kitten and a few days later we had Kenny’s littermate, Legend with us at our home. We are so happy with Legend and Kenny, they are so loving and playful. We would like to thank Peggy for taking the stress out of finding the perfect kittens for us and confidently recommend StarAngels Bengals to anyone looking for their perfect addition to their home!”



Starangel Capone

Son of

QGC Starangel Gabriel x Kingsmark Poetic Dreamer


Living the good life with Mellisa & family in Buffalo, NY


"We are so incredibly happy with our choice to get a Bengal kitten from Peggy. She really made every aspect of the process easy and was so wonderful about answering all questions we had and still have. Peggy is very knowledgeable about ALL things Bengal. Our baby boy, Capone has been such a loved addition to our family. He is playful and mischievous yet such a sweetheart. He does real well with kids, as with most Bengals, on HIS terms. He really enjoys our front picture window, and naps in the Sun. His unique and interesting markings have brought many “ohh and awws!!” when people meet Capone, He marked  exactly like his Mother Poetry. He is a gorgeous Bengal."





Sheer Purr-fection

  Starangel Honey & Ginger

daughters of

RW QGC Starangel Gabriel x Kingsmark Poetic Dreamer




Ginger & Honey living the good life with Barbara & Howard as precious pets

It was a pleasure working Peggy and we are so happy with our decision to purchase our 2 kittens from Star Angel Bangles.  She patiently answered all of our questions and has tremendous knowledge about the breed.  Our family is delighted to welcome these beautiful girls into our lives. Honey and Ginger are both sweet and loving kittens who have a blast playing with us and with one another.   They have the best personalities and we have had so much fun with them this week.  We look forward to enjoying them for many years to come.  

 Thank you, Peggy!

The Ung family - Whippany, NJ





Starangel Gucci & Coco

litter brothers

RW QGC Starangel Gabriel x Kingsmark Poetric Dreamer


Beautiful sons of RW QGC Starangel Gabriel & Kingsmark Poetic Dreaamer

Living the Best Life with Virginia & family.





StarAngel Lalya


RW QGC Starangel Gabriel x Kingsmark Poetic Dreamer

Lalaya & Priya daughters of

QGC StarAngel Gabriel x Kingsmark Poetic Dreamer

Starangel Priya

Poetry produces exceptional kittens.  Lalya & Priya (Litter Sisters) with stunning rosettes. Both living happy with Laura in Manhatten, NY




StarAngel Benali

Beautiful Benali, daughter of QGC StarAngel Gabriel x Ch. StarAngel Girl on Fire

Enjoying life with Andy & Jessica,  Manhatten, NY

Reference below from Jessica & Andy

"After researching many breeders in the tri-state area, when we finally decided to go forward in a Bengal, we knew as we were going through Peggy's application process that this was a breeder who cared a lot about her cats and also cared a whole lot about making sure that they were going to good, loving and responsible homes. Peggy was great in her correspondence from our purchase through to our pick up of our little Benali sweet heart. Peggy was even great in guiding us after we took her home with any questions we had. If you are interested in the addition of a wonderful Bengal cat/ family member, I highly recommend going through Peggy. She is reliable and trustworthy. Benali is very healthy with such a sweetheart temperament, and a wonderful addition to our household. She is very much a member, of now, our family, and we love her very very much.

Jessica & Andy, Manhattan, NY




StarAngel Armani

Son of QGC StarAngel Gabriel x Ch. Drinkwater Ariella

 Ariella is Mother of Ch. Starangel Girl on Fire who is still producing top quality

Armani lives in Europe, Hungry 





Starangel Riley



Another Stunning daughter of RW QGC StarAngel Gabriel & Ch. StarAngel Girl on Fire

Lovely Riley is living the good life with Mike & Taylor.


Reference: My boyfriend and I always shared the desire to get a Bengal kitten, when our search began for the perfect breeder we came across StarAngel Bengals. After several emails and discussing our options it was clear to us that Peggy was the perfect person to help us in this process. We were so eager to get our little kitten; Peggy was knowledgeable and extremely helpful throughout the whole time.

 When the day finally arrived to pick Riley up, Peggy even sent us home with a blanket, some toys and even a hedgehog that was with her mother to keep her comfortable! Riley adjusted to her new home beautifully. Peggy was even more helpful to us after we had taken her home and was always there to answer any questions we may have had! Thank you for making this experience so easy and enjoyable for all of us.

Mike, Taylor & Riley, Central Jersey.




StarAngel Barbella

Barbella, a beautiful, kitten from

RW QGC StarAngel Gabriel x Kingsmark Poetry

Barbella is living the good life with Solveig in North. Jersey


StarAngel Barbella


Beautiful  Barbella  daughter of RW QGC StarAngel Gabriel x Kingsmark Poetic Dreamer

REFERENCE:   "I moved to Northern NJ after living in NYC for 17 years.  I was never a fan of suburbia, and I was concerned that I would never be able to adapt to the quiet lifestyle.  My friends suggested I get a pet t ease the transition; I least I would have someone to keep me company.  After several months of contemplating, I decided on a Bengal Cat.  I wanted a playful pet!  I stumbled upon Peggy's website and was impressed with how much information she provided and her attention to every detail.  Now that I am a Mom to a Bengal kitten, there are no more quiet moments in suburbia. Barbella is a fur-ball of energy. Both playful and strong, but also loving and sweet when it is time to take a break.   Peggy is passionate about what she does with her breeding program. Her cats are healthy, strong and beautiful.  She continues to be a resource for information, always ready to provide advise when needed. Barbella has brought much joy to my previously quiet household, and I am so happy to have her in my life" - Sola, Whippany, NJ




StarAngel Sadie

Pretty as a Picture, Sadie a Silver Seal Lynx Point is the daughter of

QGC StarAngel Gabriel x StarAngel Diamond

Hi Margaret. I hope things are well and that your health is ok. Was thinking about you last night and just wanted to share some photos of your granddaughter enjoying her time at home since it will almost be a year that she came into our lives. I hope you enjoy them, she really has made herself so comfortable and relaxed that it's such a pleasure and honor to have her part of our family. We referred a few people to you since they have fallen in love with her. Again, I hope things are well with you. She is a joy to the family.  May God Bless You and Thank You for allowing us to have Sadie in our lives and in our hearts, she truly is an angel! We wouldn't know what to do with out her!!  Jose, North Jersey 




StarAngel Jaxson

QGC StarAngel Gabriel x StarAngel Diamond Facet

Awesome Jaxson living happily with Ed in So. Jersey

Recommendation:StarAngel Bengals is a first class breeder of gorgeous Bengal cats. Peggy was the perfect professional throughout the buying process and was the best advisor to us being new to the breed. She helped advise from food to the Veterinarian. ! Peggy was phenomenal and was super fast replying to our emails for help. 

  Jaxson is our first Bengal and pictures can not describe his personality. People will say that they are not "lap" cats, but they are wrong. He is the most loving cat I have ever known. He'll say on my lap for hours at a time.  Not just with me but with our friends as well. He is definitely not a cat who hides when the door is open. Loves people and even kids.  Jax is extremely fun and energetic. Loves to play fetch with his toys, stalk us to let us know he is king, and loves water! Anytime he hears running water, he puts his head under, drinks, and plays with the stream with his paws.  Ed, South Jersey





StarAngel Bindi


Beautiful Bindi is Daughter of Ch. StarAngel Girl on Fire x QGC StarAngel Gabriel. 

This breeding continues to created stunning kittens with super purr-sonalities.


Once we decided that a Bengal Cat was going to be our new family addition, we started researching Bengal breeders online. After hours of surfing  the net,  StarAngel Bengals was the one that stood out from the crowd.  After contacting and having several discussions with Peggy, we knew this was the right choice.   Peggy's knowledge and a advice was second to none.  A true professional!!  She set us straight on so many questions and guided us through the whole process.  We now have Bindi, a beautiful Bengal Kitten who even after just only 4 weeks has brought us so much pleasure and enjoyment.  We are now looking forward to many more years of Bengal fun. Thanks to StarAngel Bengals and of course Peggy!

Joanne and Family (PA)




StarAngel Leo & Mika


StarAngel Leo loving his new best friend Mika

Sweet Little Mika a silver seal lynx point, blue eyed female, almost stayed here as my show breeder.  I fell in love with her. But she now has a wonderful family and a new best friend, Starangel Leo.  Mika, a daughter of Celestine will live a wonderful life in New York with 5 year old Leo, another stunning Gabriel son.


5 years ago, I started researching about the Bengal Breed, their patterns looked so beautiful.  After research, I felt certain Peggy at StarAngel Bengals would be my right choice.  After several exchanges via email, I decided to make the deposit.  Several months later, I was informed that I might be able to choose a kitten from her new litter by Asteria x Gabriel.  This is when I fell in love with our first cat Leo.  5 years later, I find Peggy is still the same caring, professional breeder that I dealt with in the past.  She is always on top of everything, very informative, knows exactly what is important and not important. She is there very step of the way, and it truly feels like she is giving away her children when she parts with the kittens.  We now have 2 beautiful Bengal from StarAngel Bengal.  Both are super energetic, intelligent, funny, inquisitive, loving and socialized and a true part of our family.  Thank you Peggy for two wonderful Bengal!    




StarAngel Kuni & Yoshi

 Seal Lynx Twin Brothers


Seal Lynx Point sons of QGC Starangel Gabriel x CH. Starangel Gurl on Fire

Both living contented in Manhattan, New York with Anthony





StarAngel Link

RW QGC Starangel Gabriel x Ch. Starangel Girl on Fire

Beautiful Male Silver Lynx Point. Beautifully rosetted, big blue eyes. He has lots more, below:


Link is doing GREAT!  I want to thank you for all of your help and the knowledge you've shared about the Bengal breed!! The kittens you have raised are the most loving, playful, and friendly creatures. I have never had a litter box mishap, he has been expertly trained by you. Link has a great personality as well, and loves to talk! If I'm singing, he even meows along with me. He is always playful, fetch is his favorite game and he enjoys playing with water in the shower. Sometimes I wonder if he thinks he's a dog! :) He is so loving when I pick him up, he purrs and will just lay in my arms. At night he cuddles up with me and purrs until he falls asleep. I've gotten compliments from everyone who has met him telling me how beautiful and soft he is. He truly is the most gorgeous cat I have ever seen. His eyes sparkle like the clear blue waters of the Caribbean and his coat is so silky smooth and glimmers in the sun. I want to thank you again for allowing me to have him as a member of my family!   Ivana, New Jersey




StarAngel Xena

In Memorial

RIP.  Very sadly, Beautiful Xena was hit by a car

Kingsmark Poetic Dreamer x QGC StarAngel Gabriel



 RW QGC StarAngel Gabriel x Drinkwater Poetic Dreamer


Xena is doing great!  She is growing nicely.  Wonderful personality. Cute and cuddly, then funny and sassy, and sweet, curious, energetic. We are having a great time with her.  She really is a gorgeous cat. Very striking.    

Xena has been a joyful addition to our household of  four, two of those being young children. She has been playful and cuddly, curious, and relaxing, entertaining and one of the most interactive cats I have ever had.   Peggy was a joy to meet and it was clear from day one that she cared dearly for her cats and the kittens that came from their litters. She provided me with all the information I needed to know about the Bengal breed and her cats specifically. It made for a very pleasant transition of our kitten from her home to ours. I highly recommend Peggy and her beautiful cats if you are looking for your Bengal cat. The entire experience was very pleasant.      Thank you Peggy for such a beautiful sprightly little girl. 

Gabrielle & children, North Jersey




StarAngel Sake'

son of

RW Starangel Gabriel x Kingsmark Poetic Dreamer


Bright Eyed, Handsome Sake' a son of Gabriel & Poetry. Just 5 months old, living the

good life with Jon, New Jersey




StarAngel Sterling Boots

Stunning Boots, Silver Marble,  looking so poised and pretty.  Boots is daughter of

Ch. StarAngel Renni & Ch. Starangel Zyana.  Beautiful Boots lives happily with Jayne in MD


I write the following recommendation for those seeking to purchase a Bengal for the first time and to current and previous Bengal owners looking to purchase another in the future.

There are so many positive and extraordinary things to say about Peggy and StarAngel Bengals that is almost difficult for me to know where to start. Peggy's Bengals are not a business to her in my eyes, they are her family. Every waking moment of Peggy's life is dedicated to the health, love, and caring for her Bengals and on top of all of that, she's incredibly responsive and informative to her clients emails and questions.

Peggy screens all of her pedigree lines for genetic health concerns, which was my main priority when choosing a breeder. In my process of getting to know Peggy, I have found that it is her focus to produce the best genetically healthy and sound Bengals to her customers. Her dedication and love for the Bengal breed not only made me decide to put a deposit on one Bengal kitten, but after getting to know her practices, I decided to purchase another! Not only are her Bengals gorgeous and healthy, but their personalities are incredibly endearing.

I hope potential buyers of a new Bengal read recommendations and research reviews prior to making a decision which breeder to choose when making their exciting Bengal cat purchase. PLEASE research. I did. After all my research, it was StarAngel Bengals, Margaret (Peggy) Angelastro, that was the number one breeder on my list.

Thank you Peggy for enriching my life with your lovely healthy Bengals. You are a gem. And to those searching for a Bengal breeder, I hope you look no further.
To all Bengal lovers,
Best wishes, Jayne from Maryland  




StarAngel Ricco

Rico as a kitten above, Below 5 months

Handsome Golden son of QGC StarAngel Gabriel x Drinkwater Ariella

Golden Ricco, living the good life as a Perfect Pet!

Reference below from Eric

"From the moment I had to fill out all the information I needed to apply for my Bengal I knew from the start I was dealing with someone who cares! I highly recommend Peggy to anyone who's looking for a Bengal family member we are very happy he is very healthy and we are forever grateful! Ricco is a very active and playful cat. He loves  playing  fetch everyday. So glad to have him as part of the family."                                                                  

Eric,  New York City




StarAngel Drexel

Handsome Drexel is son of Ch. StarAngel Zyana and TGC StarAngel Mystic Knight

Dexter lives happily with Linda in Southern Jersey being spoiled daily!


Drexel has been an uplifting addition to our family and we love him dearly.

His personality is brilliant, sweet and loving not to mention  his Beauty is unmatched. 
Drexel has mastered turning our light switches on and off by leaping from the floor using his teeth and also plays fetch with his toys. Drexel has tons of energy but at night when it's time for bed he lays down and cuddles all night. Drexel and our two other cats adapted very well. They are little treasures within our home. Thank you Peggy for the opportunity allowing us to raise such a well behaved amazing Bengal. We love you Drexel. Linda & family.





PRICELESS PICTURE!! Love is Grand when we have each other!

A Silver Seal Lynx Point & Brown Spotted Shanti & Kitty are both living together happily in Manhatten NY, with Gil & Ellen





StarAngel Tabitha


Sweet Tabitha laying in her new Flower Bed.  Looking like the flower she is.

Below all grown up. More beautiful than ever.

Silver Seal Lynx Point. Parents: QGC Starangel Gabriel x Starangel Diamond Facet


Tabitha is a sweet , curious bright and outgoing angel. She has very good manners.  I never had an issue with her using the litter box, and she's extremely friendly and loving. We are so fortunate to have her.  I can't imagine her not being in my life. Thank you, Peggy for raising Tabitha so well that we can proudly say she's a joy!  Peggy has an amazing cattery, and folks are very fortunate to be able to take-home and love one of your beauties Regina, Monclair, NJ ❤ 





StarAngel Apollo


QGC Starangel Gabriel x Ch. Starangel Girl on Fire

Awesome Silver Seal Lynx Point, Apollo living a good life with Ashleigh & Family

Beautifully rosetted  down to his spotted legs!!  Apollo is exceptional coloring.




Starangel Zanzibar

Looking handsome & stately is Zanzibar, 2 year old, Marbled son of

Ch. StarAngel Renaissance Silver and Starangel Celestine. Living happily with Erica & family

Starangel Zanzibar with new playmate Starangel Sasha

Zanzibar with new playmate Starangel Senna, a daughter of

 Poetry x Gabriel daughter


We absolutely adore our sweet Zanzibar!  He has a wonderful temperament and is both playful and loving. Starangel Bengals raise the most  incredible cats who are lovingly cared for, happy, and healthy. It is clear that Peggy loves what she does and thanks to her, we have a wonderful furry member of our family!  We now have a friend for Zanzibar, Starangel Senna, a beautiful addition to the family.

Erica & family, No. Jersey





 StarAngel Leonardo

Awesome Leonardo, son of QGC Starangel Gabriel x Ch. Starangel Girl on Fire




StarAngel Abu and StarAngel Rufus

Rufus & Abu with the good life, living in Connecticut with Claudia & family. Brothers with different Mothers.

RUFUS is golden son of  QGC StarAngel Gabriel x Ariella 

ABU is Silver Lynx Point son of QGC StarAngel Gabriel x Girl on Fire





StarAngel MoMo

Reference below from Rob

Peggy at Starangel Bengals sold me my male bengal kitten, Momo,  a few years ago and I couldn't be more thankful for her and her services. Momo has been a perfect companion over this time and I owe it all to Peggy. She is a wonderful breeder, tops in my book, and I have met many. She cuts no corners, spares no expense and regularly takes her cats and kittens to vets for proactive screenings. I had owned a bengal for almost 17 years before I got Momo, so I knew what expect and know bengals. Peggy is experienced, friendly, and knows what she is doing, not to mention she keeps the tidiest cattery I have ever seen. Her kittens are worth every cent, that's the bottom line. Momo is the best cat I could have asked for, in every aspect, and has been in 100% perfect health every second. I'm so very thankful and satisfied. Rob G.,Florida





Handsome StarAngel Maverick 

QGC StarAngel Gabriel x Ch. StarAngel Gurl on Fire. Maverick lives in Connecticut

He has perfect rounded ears. What a big, handsome fellow!




StarAngel Valentine

An Awesome friendship of  Bean & Valentine, No. Jersey

QGC StarAngel Gabriel x Ch. StarAngel Gurl on Fire




StarAngel Kris

Kris is a gorgeous son of our retired TGC StarAngel LeepAFate.   Jeff, Owner,  gave him a Great Tree for his enjoyment!

You can see LeepA on the Retiree page.


Several years ago, after deciding to get a feline companion for my dog, my preference quickly became a Bengal after seeing a "Cats 101" special on them, and learning how well they got along with dogs. After an extensive search, I found Starangel Bengals online, and started to inquire about the process of getting a kitten. I had never been through this process before, so I did not know what to expect.

I was immediately contacted by Peggy, and she was very thorough regarding everything that would happen throughout the process. I had to make a deposit, and since I was one of the later applicants for that specific litter, I wouldn't exactly be getting the kitten of my choice. All of this coupled with the fact that the breeder was a couple hours away from me, meant that I had to put my trust in their hands.

Now several years later, I can definitively say that it is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. Being raised by hand from a kitten, I honestly believe, is what made my Bengal, Kris, such and awesome cat. He is truly amazing in every aspect. He's lovable, friendly, very athletic, and just ADORES Justin, his canine brother. Kris & Justin became best friends from day one. Five years later, they are still
rolling around on the floor playing together every single day. Getting the one on one time with a human from the very beginning really helped to develop the great personality that Kris has today.

Peggy really puts an immense amount of effort into making Starangel Bengals the best of the best when it comes to cat breeders. She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to raising your kitten, and will always be there should you ever have any questions. She takes it seriously, and loves to get communication letting her know how her "Alumni" are doing. It is without questions, that I would highly recommended Starangel Bengals to anyone considering a Bengal of their own. You will not be disappointed.

Jeff Brown
Jersey City, NJ






Dogs & Bengal Cats

How Well they live together!!



Awesome Silver Seal Lynx Point, Buddy in love with his doggy friend

A StarAngel Diamond Facet male



Clarence with his best friend


Seiko, Seal Silver Lynx Point with her bulldog friend


Little Bob (Poetry x Gabriel son) living and enjoying the fluffy coat of Ella.



  Peggy Angelastro
Suburban South Jersey





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